Hospital visits and safety

"You do you love them, right? Then ask questions" - The Baby Analyst

It's been a really long while people, and I'm glad to be back 😊😊😊. This post is long overdue, so I'll just dive right into it.

I had to take my Mum to the hospital a few weeks ago to run some tests. I remember having to sit with her during her consultation and paying just as much attention as she was (or even more) to the doctor. When he recommended a test, I would ask what it was called, what it was meant for, how it would be carried out, any side effects, etc. Same thing went for the pharmacists when she had to get her prescription. I needed to know the name of each drug, what it was for, and any possible side effects. You know how some hospitals in Nigeria just dispense drugs in that little plastic ziploc with no name my questions were very necessary I tell you. Lol. 
At that moment, I thought about kids and hospital visits and how parents and caregivers manage.

Taking our littl…

Do they really have to hug or kiss?

"Your first obligation as a parent is to not bring chaos into your kids lives" ~ Anonymous

It's that time of the year again! Woo! Hoo! And I apologise because this post should have gone out a lot earlier than now; but as the saying goes, "better late than never". So read on with me...

Christmas season just seems to bring out all the joy in me, right from the very first day in December when I can 'officially' play Christmas Carols without looking over my shoulder and hoping no one's listening. So these days when I have the radio on, I'm listening to Christmas Carols and singing my lungs out in that awesome voice of mine.

Drowning outside water?

Guard himself as he may, every moment's an ambush ~ Horace

Just before the rains started, I made up my mind to go swimming every weekend (or every other weekend) - something I used to really enjoy doing.  I managed to go a few times though.
Whenever I go to the pool, I see some kids come in to swim (they take swimming lessons) very often. I've always had the 'consciousness' of knowing how to swim since I was a kid, so I really don't remember ever learning (I grew up in a riverine area in Nigeria). But these

What's in the bag...?

Guard himself as he may, every moment's an ambush ~ Horace

OK...So, I normally have drafts of posts at various levels of completion. When I notice something, or an idea pops into my head, I'd take a few minutes to put it down so I can develop later. So I looked through my draft stash today and found nothing quite 'meaningful' to complete; it just seemed like there was nothing to write on. But seeing that this is something I love to do so much, it didn't take too long for something to come to mind. (*pats self in admiration*). LOL

While in my 'thinking mood', I took one look at my handbag right beside my desk phone and remembered an incident that happened a while ago: I was rummaging through my handbag absent-mindedly trying to get something out when  I felt a sharp pain on my finger. Yes, there was a pin or some sharp object in my bag that pricked me. I flinched and pulled out my hand immediately and there was a prick of blood on my forefinger...

Persistent cries? Check the toes/fingers...

"Guard himself as he may, every moment’s an ambush" ~ Horace

I read a post (on Facebook) a couple of months ago about Scott and Jessica Walker's experience with their baby. Scott Walker shared it on his wall, and this is what the post says:
*I have permission to share it here*
"Had a small scare this afternoon with Ms. Molly (their 19-month old daughter). What happened was new to me, but apparently not totally uncommon, so I figured I'd share with my fellow parents out there. I was with the family over lunch and Molly was cranky and screaming - nothing out of the ordinary. As worked up as she was getting, she started to overheat, which prompted Jess to remove her socks and cool her down.

Fire safety - I would never have thought of that

Think of fire before it starts ~ Unknown

I watched this video on fire safety a couple of weeks ago, and I thought to share it here, although not entirely limited to baby/child safety. I've been wanting to write about fire safety for a while now, especially with our peculiar problem of erratic power supply (a major cause of fire outbreaks). 

I'm  always very concerned about leaving electrical appliances plugged in when not in use (especially the ones that heat up). I did something very silly the other day. I left an electric kettle plugged in while I went to jog in the morning. There had been no power supply the night before, and when it came

Thinking about daycare? Tips on what to look out for - Part II

"Safety is more important than convenience" ~ Don Hambidge

This is the continuation of "Thinking about daycare? Tips on what to look out for - I".
Safety: With the spate of kidnappings and abductions we have had in the country in recent times, we can't ignore safety. In the daycare I talked about in Part I