What's in the bag...?

Guard himself as he may, every moment's an ambush ~ Horace

OK...So, I normally have drafts of posts at various levels of completion. When I notice something, or an idea pops into my head, I'd take a few minutes to put it down so I can develop later. So I looked through my draft stash today and found nothing quite 'meaningful' to complete; it just seemed like there was nothing to write on. But seeing that this is something I love to do so much, it didn't take too long for something to come to mind. (*pats self in admiration*). LOL

While in my 'thinking mood', I took one look at my handbag right beside my desk phone and remembered an incident that happened a while ago: I was rummaging through my handbag absent-mindedly trying to get something out when  I felt a sharp pain on my finger. Yes, there was a pin or some sharp object in my bag that pricked me. I flinched and pulled out my hand immediately and there was a prick of blood on my forefinger...
It was a safety pin that I forgot in my bag that had suddenly become not so safe. It reminded me of the times when I had to babysit my god-daughter (2-years at that time) and she would not just keep her hands/fingers out of my bag. Her little hands kept going there every chance she got that I started to wonder if we both owned the bag. I'd move it away, and then she'd be back there in a few minutes when she kenw I wasn't looking or paying attention. Initially, I was worried she'd grab something valuable and misplace it, then make me spend extra time looking for it; then it hit me that there was more she could grab from the bag that could potentially harm her. 

That hasn't been my only experience with kids and bags. When I also go to visit my friends, I've noticed my bag is usually a prime target for her kids. I honestly cannot understand children's fascination with bags (ladies' handbag especially). When I was much younger and had just started learning to carry handbags (I was told it'll make me look like a lady...LOL), I used to stuff it with lots of random stuff just to prop it up or make it full. As I got older, I realised I didn't need to do that; instead, I had actual stuff/things that I needed to take in my bag. Sometimes I wonder about the contents of my bag though, and if I am the only one that carries stuff like that (don't ask me what...LOL).

So yes, we are going to have to take essentials in our bags often. Beyond sharp objects like in my case, other potentially dangerous things that we may carry around in our bags include medication, coins maybe, make-up, hair sprays, perfumes/body spray/cologne, gum, hand sanitisers, batteries, hand lotion, tissue, safety pins, pens/pencils, (I've had a pair of scissors in my bag once ) etc, and the list goes on. 
That said, I'd definitely classify my bag as a potential safety hazard for a child. If you are in the habit of, or like to let your kids hold your bag, it will be advisable to keep them free from potentially harmful things. But if you regularly need to carry things that are potentially dangerous to kids, try as much as possible to keep bags out of reach of children, or ask that bags be put away when you're out visiting a house with kids. Also, when friends and family visit, try and place their bags, purses etc in a place where children cannot reach. It takes only a second for a child to get into something new and exciting like a bag full of 'exploration' materials while adults are having a conversation or busy.

And finally for the ladies or hand bag carrying people (LOL): I also thought it'd be good to talk a where we place our bags. I've seen a few people place their bags on the floor (not so clean floors), and other not very clean places, etc. It is not very hygienic. More often than not, they pick up germs from these places unfortunately, and they are later placed on kitchen counters or places where we keep food or sanitary items. If you are guilty (or even not guilty - I used to be guilty though), I'll advise sanitising the bottom of bags every once a while with a wipe to keep them germ free. 

Now over to you: Have you had experiences with kids rushing to grab your bag or get hurt because of something you kept there? Please share with us.

The Baby Analyst.

Not a doctor, just a financial analyst who loves kids


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the reminder. I am also like you, my handbag isn't safe as well. Got all sorts of things in there. I definitely need to be more careful and 'tidy up' my bags.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing! It's important to put more thoughts into this especially as it could inadvertently pose some danger to the little ones.
Anonymous said…
awesome write-up. food for thought indeed! knowledge is power and i intend to be more careful too.

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