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We are really good parents; at least most of us are. I know this for a fact, having been brought up by amazing parents myself. I also know we do our best every day to ensure our little darlings are well taken care of, provided for, and kept safe.  The world is changing however, and with these changes come a lot of adjustments that need to be made to how we care for our children, different from how and what our parents did.
Childcare in Nigeria comes with its own pack of challenges as we all bear the full responsibility of ensuring our children’s safety. When I mean full responsibility, I mean we barely have enforceable laws that protect our kids from harm. These range from laws on minimum safety standards concerning buildings and road construction, fire safety laws, traffic laws (zebra crossing especially), just to mention a few. So how do we navigate this world of child safety in our dear country and combine providing immediate care for our children to ensuring they are kept from harm’…