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SIDS - The silent killer...

"Better a thousand times careful than one dead" ~ Proverb
Like the name says, SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is sudden and silent as it is not usually accompanied by known symptoms. According to the NHS, it is the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby. Although there are no statistics in Nigeria, and may therefore not seem very common, it is the most common cause of death in babies under 1 year in the United States (higher risk between 0-4 months). 
I think what is worrying about SIDS (also known as cot death) is that it is unclear what

Toys - play safely

Danger never takes a vacation [even during the holidays] ~ Author Unknown

Apart from ice-cream and maybe a couple more things that I do not yet know about, I wonder what other word elicits so much joy, excitement, or anticipation from kids as TOYS!!! 

What better time to talk about toys than in this season of giving, giving, and even more giving. Oh, and receiving and receiving; after all, someone has got to receive all that giving away.

The most toy-related deaths in 2013 for kids in the US were due to asphyxiation, while there were 256,700 toy-related injuries. I can't get any statistic for Nigeria, but I can imagine the figures will be


A sense of humour is needed armour... ~ Hugh Sidey
A bit of humour today.

Are you a 'Safety-chondriac'? No need to grab a dictionary 'cause I just formed that word. I was having a conversation with my roommate/flatmate some nights ago, and she was describing the symptoms of a disease (I can't quite remember the name now). One of the symptoms she mentioned was pain in the hand, and suddenly I started massaging my hand and noticed that I felt a slight pain; then she mentioned another symptom that I could relate with.
It appeared that for every symptom she mentioned, I had a corresponding ache or pain in that part of my body. She got irritated at some point and had to stop. LOL. This and

Medicines and chemicals: use and "keep out of reach of children"

Precaution is better than cure ~ Edward Coke I didn’t want to write about medicines and chemicals/poisons just yet, but my coworker narrated something that happened to her a couple of days ago, so I figured i'd just do it now.

I hope you pardon my numerous stories. These are true stories based on my real life experiences or the experiences of people I know. These stories of babies and children safety overtime inspired the creation of this blog, and I hope that we can begin to discuss how we manage these safety issues in our challenging environment. 

Now back to my story: My coworker left her kids (a 2-year old girl and 2-month old