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A bit of humour today.

Are you a 'Safety-chondriac'? No need to grab a dictionary 'cause I just formed that word. I was having a conversation with my roommate/flatmate some nights ago, and she was describing the symptoms of a disease (I can't quite remember the name now). One of the symptoms she mentioned was pain in the hand, and suddenly I started massaging my hand and noticed that I felt a slight pain; then she mentioned another symptom that I could relate with.
It appeared that for every symptom she mentioned, I had a corresponding ache or pain in that part of my body. She got irritated at some point and had to stop. LOL. This and
many more scenarios like this has made her label me alarmist or hypochondriac. Now try and relate this scenario with that of child safety, and you have an idea what I mean when I say safety-chondriac.

I once watched a video of a father whose parenting style on safety was 'all things in a bubble-wrap'. After spending the whole day baby-proofing the house for his one year old son, his little man somehow managed to get himself locked in the bathroom (after the father had installed a safety lock). Thankfully, he was able to get the baby out before he started freaking out. It was quite funny, but he said it brought an understanding to him that safety gadgets didn't come with a 100% safety guarantee, and it was more important to watch his kid while letting him explore his environment.

So, for a little humour today, I thought I'd post these pictures that I found to be funny. There are from a book titled "Safety Baby Handling Tips" by David and Kelly Sopp. Enjoy: 




Remember that even the most vigilant childproofing or safety products are not substitutes for your watchful eyes.

The Baby Analyst.

Not a doctor, just a financial analyst who loves kids


very enlightening indeed! funny!...teehee!
lynn Davies said… bench pushing weights though...
Thanks Omolara!

@Lynn...hopefully, no baby does that. LOL
FaBsLeDgE said…
It is good to see the pictures doing the talking.

@TBBA...At how many months is the baby ripe for throwing in the air? And who says the baby cannot be a chess grandmaster and Mr Universe before 2 years?
LOL. Unless the baby is a ball, I dunno if we should be throwing in the air.
LOL @ grandmaster and Mr Universe.

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